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Samir Gangwani

Samir Gangwani (b. 1995, Clemmons, NC) is a composer, performer, and curator interested in igniting conversations on disenfranchised communities through collaboration. Gangwani runs Our Place, a hybrid arts space that serves as a community hub for experimental art forms with emphasis on fostering emerging and marginalized artists. In addition, hodgepodge, a bi-monthly interdisciplinary arts network that features performances, installations, and curated ensembles.

They currently collaborate with P O S T • V I V O (new media performance art trio with Adrienne Cassel and Austin Marcus), SHIT GIG WITH ENEMIES (analog sound experiment with Gladstone Deluxe and Justin Kelly), and Cantankerous Ken and the Party Poopers (big brass band). Gangwani’s work has been featured at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Queens Museum, Panoply Performance Laboratory, Pittsburgh Filmmakers & Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Public Space One, and the Woods Cooperative.

Gangwani works at the Andy Warhol Museum as an Artist Educator where he coordinates and creates curriculum for gallery talks, tours, and workshops. They completed a BA in Experimental Composition and Performance at Carnegie Mellon University.